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A child between the ages of 1-2 years is generally identified as a toddler. The toddler stage of childhood starts when the baby begins to walk, begins to talk, and begins to understand things.

Toddler stage can be really difficult because toddlers have limited speech capability, limited understanding, limited rule following ability. If you say NO to a toddler he might understand what you exactly mean, however, he might be unable to follow NO because his brain cannot properly distinguish between YES or NO.

It is difficult to create a five point guide to raise or parent toddlers, however, tips on parenting toddlers might be a help to the parents who have toddlers or have babies who will soon become toddlers.

Stop complaining

Your toddler may not follow you, but this does not mean you should start complaining. When you make complains, your toddler’s ego will be hurt. You should never hurt your toddler in front of other toddlers

Encourage your toddler to take reasonable risks

Risk taking is good for personal development, you should encourage your toddler to rake reasonable risks. Reasonable risk means letting him play in the park by himself all the while watching him from a certain distance.

Let him do his own struggle

Struggle is an important mantra to succeed in life, don’t make things easier for the child. Let him do his own struggle. For instance, let your child eat by himself or wear slippers if he wants to.

Listen to your toddler

When your kid wants to say something, don’t ignore him. Stop what you are doing and actively listen to him. Don’t interrupt, express your opinion only after he stops.  If you listen to your child, it will be easier for you to understand him ming.

Talk to your toddler

Don’t wait your child strike the communication. Ask him questions, encourage him to ask a question. More you talk to your child, better will be his communication skills. Talking to the child also helps in the development of analytical thinking.

Control your emotions

If you express extreme emotions (anger, frustrations etc.) in front of your child, your child is likely to copy that (believe me, children are good at imitating). Never show your anger or frustration in front of your toddler.

Let them imitate

Human beings learn by imitation, in fact, imitation is the first learning method. Encourage skill development through imitation. For instance, you can teach your toddler how to use a spoon by letting her watch you while eating.

Show Love

Children are not very good at deciphering the meaning behind the words. Therefore, a simple “I love you” does not mean anything to them. Show them your love through hugs, kisses, or gifts.

Spend quality time

In order to understand your child, you should spend quality time. If you spend quality time, you will also develop a friendship. If your toddler is playing with his toys, you should participate in the game, if your toddler is watching rhymes, you should stay next to him watching rhymes. Spending time together creates a deep bonding.

Give them interactive toys

Interactive toys can not only entertain children but also help them learn so many things. Things like building blocks will help them learn alphabets and numerals.

Create interesting activities

Boredom grabs children easily. The toy they loved a week ago will no longer interest them. Create interesting activities. A simple thing like bathing a dog can be very interesting to children.

Go for gardening

Toddlers love to play with mud and water. Take them to the garden and help them sow the seeds, water the plants etc.