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Your spouse breaks the news “I am pregnant.”

If you and your partner, both were trying to conceive, this will surely come as a good news.  Pregnancy is the first step towards parenthood. When your spouse is pregnant, a huge responsibility comes on your shoulder because you have to get ready to become a father. Interestingly, the discussions on pregnancy only include mother. As a would-be-father, you will find no information or less information on what to do when your wife is pregnant.

Getting Ready to Become a Father

Becoming a parent, or father to be precise, is usually an unexpected incident especially if this is your first baby. Even though parenting is a self-learning process, many couples like plan parenthood in advance. Pregnancy puts a great responsibility on the shoulders of father and mother. If you want to become a responsible father, you will have to consider a number of important factors.

Money matters: Parenthood, or fatherhood to be precise, comes with a price. You need money from the day when your wife tests positive until your baby is born 9 months later. You need money for doctor visits, medical tests, vitamins and supplements, nutritious food, and last but not the least, you need money for the delivery of the baby. You also need money, even more, money, when your baby is born, however, here we are focusing only on pregnancy tenure.

Spending time together: You might be an extremely busy man. No matter how busy you are, you need to spend time with your wife. During pregnancy, a lot of changes go inside the woman’s body. Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on the expectant mother. You should be with your wife whenever she needs you. Some women also develop depression or anxiety during pregnancy. If you spend time together, it will a lot easier for the mother.

Communication matters: Communication is very important in life. If you do not communicate well with your pregnant wife, complication might arise later. You should communicate your feelings associated with having a baby. The decision to have a baby should be mutual. If the decision is mutual, you and your wife, both will have a positive feeling towards the baby. When your wife is pregnant, she needs rest. If she is a working woman, she might need a pregnancy leave. When one partner cannot work, the financial responsibility will be on fathers. You need to assure your wife that you will manage everything. Communication should not only include finance or health but also changes in the body. You and your wife might have different goals and aspirations, however, motherhood puts more responsibilities on the woman and she needs to compromise on various things. You should always be on her side and help her overcome her physical and emotional problems.

Tips for the First Time Dads

Pregnancy is not only a women issue, as a father, you also have a huge responsibility to look after your wife and the baby inside. So, your spouse tested positive for pregnancy, what should you do now?

Healthcare: Pregnancy is a complicated thing. If you are careless, you might lose the baby. Therefore, a regular check-up is very necessary. You should always accompany your wife to the doctor’s office. You have to understand the stages of pregnancy and observe the physiological and psychological changes in your wife. Your wife might hate prenatal vitamins, however, you should make sure that she regularly takes prenatal vitamins. Regular Ultra Sonogram, tests (hemoglobin level, thyroid etc.), and vaccinations are very necessary.

Diet and Nutrition: When your wife is pregnant, she needs to eat food for two people, one for herself and second for the baby. The growth of the baby entirely depends on the food she eats. Not eating the right food and the right amount of food will risk the baby’s health. You should learn about recommended foods during pregnancy as well as foods to avoid. Make sure, your wife drinks plenty of water and eat calcium, protein and iron-rich food. Never allow your wife to drink tea and coffee and alcoholic drinks.