Benefits of Dance for Children

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Just like curricular activities, extracurricular activities are also very important for children. Your children must also not only learn science and math but also music, dance, sports etc. Extracurricular activities improve curricular performance of your child. Or, perhaps, your child may develop special interest in extracurricular activity and might make it his/her career. For instance, your child might want to become a musician, a singer, a dancer, or a sportsperson.

When your girl or the boy develops interest in dance, you should encourage her/her to take to dance class. Some people believe that dance is not appropriate for boys, it is more suitable for girls. You should never worry about such kind of gender stereotypes. Nothing is reserved for any gender, everything should be available to everyone irrespective of gender. The new age has opened avenues for all kinds of people. Women are doing things that were reserved to men until recently and men are doing things that were said to be exclusive to women until recently. Therefore, if your boy shows interest in dance, you should encourage him to explore his interest. Who knows, your boy may be a great dancer one day.  The benefits of dance outweigh the existing stereotyping. Irrespective of gender, children can learn so many things from dance.

Irrespective of gender and age, if your child is interested in dance, enroll him for a dance class and let him explore the world of dance.

Why Dance is Beneficial for Children

Dance Teaches Valuable Lessons

Dance teaches valuable and important lessons. The most evident benefits of dance are: it teaches discipline, coordination, and self-control. Dance is not just about showing your physical moves, it is also a mental exercise. In order to dance properly, your mind and body have to work in tandem. Therefore, dance apart from being a physical exercise is also a mental exercise.

Dance will teach your kid to cooperate with other people. Dance will teach kids how to control his body and mind. Cooperation and self control are very important life skills.

Dance Teaches Music, Rhythm, and Beat

We all agree on the power of music in human life. Dance teaches about music. In order to dance properly, you should understand the rhythm and beats. By understanding rhythm and beats, your child will learn music. The ability to understand and appreciate music will come as an advantage later in the life. Music has a great benefit on human mind, music is great motivation and inspiration tool. Likewise, dance also inspires and motivates. Dance is a creative exercise that apart from improving physiological functions also aid on smooth functioning of the brain.

Dance is a Great Physical and Mental Exercise

Irrespective of age, human begins need to do exercise in order to remain fit and healthy. Dance is also a form of mental and physical exercise. The best thing about dancing is you will be exercising without knowing that you are doing exercise. Your child might hate to go for jogging; however, she is very likely to dance for an hour. Dance is good for physical fitness. Dance also helps to keep the brain at equilibrium.

Dance is a Stress Buster

Unlike curricular activities that tires your child physically and mentally, dance is a good relaxation technique. Dance works just like morphine. The dancer will feel relaxed after dancing. If your child is battling with anger, frustrations, and laziness, dance is a wonderful way to channelize his negative emotions.

Dance Helps to Build Confidence and Self-esteem

When your child starts dancing, people will begin to appreciate her moves. Appreciation is a great tool to instill confidence and self-esteem in your child. As your child gradually progresses with dancing, he will develop confidence and self-esteem. Confidence and self-esteem are very important lessons that dance can teach your children. Dance will also teach your child to face challenges because every new dance move will come as a challenge. When your child masters the new moves, he will be motivated to face new challenges.

Dance Teaches Social Skills

Dance is a wonderful technique to build social skills. Dance is very helpful in personal development of your child. Dance will exploit the competitive side of your children. They will learn to channelize their emotions and live a stress free life.

Dance helps in developing the character of your child. It teaches many life skills. Dance can make your child emotionally strong.

How to Choose a Dance Style for Your Kid

When you encourage your child to take to dancing, you should be clear about whether you want your child to explore dancing just as a hobby or a long term commitment. If you want your child to take dance as a long term commitment, you must understand about the expenses. As long as your child is dancing as a hobby, it might not be put you extra financial burden because most of the schools have dance as extracurricular activity. However, it your child wants to dance and develop career in dancing, it might be a financial burden because you will have to enroll her in a proper dance school. Thus, you should have a clear goal for your child. Your child’s interest is also important. Therefore, always consider on what your child actually wants. In case, your child is exceptionally talented, you should always try to help him achieve his aim.

You should also take extra caution while choosing a dance style for your child. There are many dance styles and you should choose the right style for your child. You should always consider the style that your child is interested on and the skills he already has. There are many dance forms to choose, you have to introduce your child to variety of dance forms such as ballet, salsa, jazz, tap, ethnic dances, hip hop, and belly dancing etc. and let her decide on the one that he suits her.

It is also very likely that your kid might one to try every dance style. This is perfectly ok because trying different dance forms will help him decide on the specific style. When they are introduced to a variety of dance styles, they will get a chance to explore different dance forms. Then they will choose a style that is more natural to them.

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  1. Dance serves as a great form of entertainment and exercise. Its best for kids and adult and for all age groups. You will feel healthy and its better than other forms of exercises.

  2. I dislike dance since my childhood but now we can see many studies and its a fact that dance helps us in many ways and your blog proved that its so much good for children as well. Thanks for the details.

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