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Depression is a mental state that gives rise to pessimist thoughts, a sense of inadequacy, hopelessness, loneliness, and a lack of activity. According to the widely held belief, about 20 percent of the teens will experience depression during their teenage. This belief is also backed by various clinical studies. If you are raising teens, teenage depression will come as a great problem.
Generally speaking, depression is an inherited disease. If the family has the history of depression, it is very likely that the teen will also get depression. Even if there is no history of depression in the family, depression might be unavoidable for many teens because of the environment, living conditions, and the people around them.

How to Prevent Teenage Depression


Depression among teens is very common. There are various reasons why a teen might fall into depression. Since prevention is better than cure, we will first talk about how to prevent teenage depression.

Encourage your teens to do things they love: You might not like your teen playing too much video game, however, if you try to stop their passion, you will be creating a chasm. This might force your child to become lonely and dejected. The feelings of loneliness and dejections are the first symptoms of depression. Instead of stopping your teen, you must let them to explore their passion. If you support their activities that bring them joy and pleasure, you will fill them with inspiration, motivation, and optimism. If you ever see your teen lonely and dejected, try to find out what they love to do and encourage them to get engaged with the activities that bring happiness.

Practice healthy lifestyle: A lot of teens take a cue from parents. If the parents smoke and drink, it is very likely that the teens will also smoke and drink. If the parents are angry and frustrated, the teens are also angry and frustrated. Likewise, if the parents are depressed, the teens will also be depressed. If you want your child to have a healthy lifestyle, you should first practice healthy lifestyle. In order to avoid the risk of depression in your teens, you have to model a healthy living.

Make sure the teens are getting good sleep: According to a research carried by National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, the teens whose parents make a strict sleeping schedule (getting to the bed at 10) and enforce this sleeping rule are less likely to get depression. Your teen might claim that he is more creative at night but never buy this explanation. Make sure your teen is getting 8-9 hours of sleep at night.

Exercise is important: Exercise is important for all age groups and all kinds of people, even so for the teens. Exercise will tire the body, when the body is tired, the brain releases a hormone that triggers pleasure. That’s why exercise will always boost your teen’s mood.

Help your teens concentrate on good things happening around them: A lot of bad things happen, and a lot of good things also happen. Encourage your teens to think about good things happening around them and dismiss the bad things. If your teens concentrate on good things, they will be motivated to do good things. When your teens brood on good things, they will be optimist.

Teach how to manage stress and anxiety: Stress and anxiety are the primary causes of depression. If your teens experience stress and anxiety for a long time, depression might take over them. Never dismiss your teen’s problem. Give importance to each and every thing. Your teen might be stressed out because of the homework he has to do. She might be experiencing anxiety because of the football match she has. Even the family moving to a new neighborhood or enrolling your teen in a new school might cause stress and anxiety.  You can avoid teenage depression if you teach how to manage stress and anxiety.

How to Avoid Teenage Depression


Open of the best ways to avoid teenage depression is by communicating with your teen. Talking to your teen might be difficult if he does not talk much or he is avoids you. However, you as a parent should always push your limit and get the teen talk to you. However, never become aggressive in your endeavor.

Last but not the least; you should build self esteem in your teen. You should help your teen believe in his skills, knowledge and intelligence. You can do this by offering positive feedback and constructive criticism. .

In this article we talked how to prevent teenage depression. We will talk about the symptoms of depression and the causes of depression in other articles.