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It is really difficult to say what the right age to start formal education is. Some parents prefer to send their little ones at the age of 2 years, where as some parents will be sending their child to school only when she is 3 years old. There is no exact age for early childhood education. It all depends on the child’s physical and mental development.

Even though your child will not start formal education until he is 2-3 years old, you can still introduce him to early childhood education by letting him learn from you and from the homely environment.

So, how do you help your preschooler get involved with learning, or start early childhood education, so to speak? Here are some of the common, yet proven ways to help your preschooler learn faster, better.


Reading is the most common method to learn. If you want to learn something, you have to read about it. This applies to all age groups. Pick up a book and start reading, your preschooler will be interested in the book. Read along with your child, he will be more interested. Discuss about what you have read, this will provide a better understanding of the subject matter.

Reading is the best way to learn. For better learning, rereading is very important. One-time reading may not help your preschooler understand everything, for better understanding, the child has to reread. The second reading will give her a better idea on the subject matter, even more, the third reading.

Reading and rereading both are important; however, how your child reads is also equally important. Your child will learn faster if he does speed reading. Speeding reading means reading quickly. Research has proved that people learn faster, better if they do speed reading.

Learning faster, better from audio, video, images-graphics, and multimedia

Seeing is believing, therefore, your preschooler will learn better from instructional and educative videos than from a classroom lecture. If you want your preschooler learn from videos, you have two options, either you buy educational videos or watch educational videos on YouTube for free.

Gone are the days when books only meant printed pages tucked into one. These days books are available on digital formats like ebooks and audio books. Printed books can be monotony for your preschooler. Introduce ebooks and audiobooks. Because of visual appeal, children are more interested in ebooks than printed books. You can also introduce audiobooks. Let your preschooler listen to audio books and then later get engaged into the discussion about the lesson.

Children learn better if drawings are used to explain the lesson. Comic strips provide a better understanding of lessons. Comic strips are also a great learning tool for adults as well.

Multimedia is also a great tool for learning faster and better. You can use Powerpoint presentations and slideshows to help your preschooler understand the subject matter. It is easier to learn when the lessons are introduced through powerpoint presentations and slideshows.

Learning from the environment

The environment is a great teacher. You can learn so many things from the surrounding. The real word is the best classroom to learn various things. In order to learn from the real world, you have to be a keen observer. Help your preschooler unravel his curiosity by becoming an observer and learn from the environment. Observation is a simple, yet a great way to lean. To learn something, your has to observe it systematically.

Outdoor activities such as strolling in a garden, going for a walk etc. will provide relaxation. Get your preschooler involved in outdoor activities so that he will learn faster, better. When you engage your little one in outdoor activities, he will become an explorer. Exploring means examining something, analyzing it thoroughly. If you want your child to learn, let him explore.


You will have to remember the following points it you are beginning early childhood education.

Your preschooler will not learn anything until she is interested in learning. For instance, if your child is not interested in math, she will never learn math.

If the learning method you are using for the early childhood education is not working, change your methods. For example, if your preschooler is unable to grasp from books, let him watch educational videos.