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Pregnancy puts a lot of responsibility on new fathers. When you are becoming a father, there are so many things to learn. You should not only learn how to take care of your pregnant wife or the new mother but also care for your baby. Your journey to fatherhood should focus on things that you never knew or cared for. One of the things you should learn as a new father is how to buy a breast pump for your wife and how to use a breast pump.

When you become a father, one of your primary concerns should be feeding the baby. Feeding the baby is not only the responsibility of the mother, even the father should take interest in feeding the baby. Whether your wife is lactating properly or not, breast pumps are an integral part of the family where there is a newborn.

Why a Breast Pump is Necessary


Generally speaking, the production of milk works on the principle of supply and demand.  If the baby is consuming more breast milk, the mother will have to produce more milk.

The breast pumps are used to…

Stimulate the breasts for better milk production

Discard milk if the mothers are producing more than the baby can consume

Draw milk and feed the baby if the mother cannot nurse the baby because she is back to work, she is traveling or taking medicine.

Buying a Breast Pump: How To Choose the Best Breast Pump


When you are looking for a breast pump, you might be overwhelmed, especially if you are a new father. There are different kinds of breast pumps, from a simple hand operated breast pump to a battery operated breast pump, semi-automatic electric, and fully automatic electric breast pump.

Hand operated breast pumps


Hand operated breast pumps are simple machines. It has a cone shape at one end and a pumping ball at the other end. If you place the cone over the breast and pump from the ball, milk will begin to seep. You can use it on one breast at a time and apply your hand pressure to pump milk. In the beginning, the mother will feel pain, however, later it will become easier.

Leg operated manual breast pump


Leg operated manual breast pumps work on the similar principle of hand operated breast pump, the only difference is you will have to use your feet to apply pressure. One of the major benefits of leg operated manual breast pumps is you can draw milk from both breasts at the same time.

Battery operated breast pump


You need physical strength while using manual breast pumps. Since you will have to use the breast pumps for a long time, using manual breast pumps can be very tiring. In that case, you can get a battery operated breast pump. If the mother has to pump breasts a couple of times in a day, this is a better option. Battery operated breast pumps can pump one breast at a time.

Electric breast pump


Electric breast pumps are expensive. However, these are more efficient than the manual breast pump or battery operated breast pumps. This is the best option for the mother who has to pump breasts frequently. The electric breast pumps are operated through electricity and will pump milk from both breasts.