How to Become the Best Dad to Your Teen

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Why do men and women give birth to a child and become parents? There might be many reasons, however, the most important reasons might be to continue their lineage and find happiness in life. Becoming a dad, or mom, for that matter, brings happiness in your life. However, your happiness might shatter when you are unable to perform your role properly.

So, how do you become the best dad for your teen? Here are some tips that you might find useful and interesting.

4 Tips to become the best dad to your teen

  1. Behavioral management

Make punishment the last option. Punishment should be used only when all methods of behavioral management have failed.

Punish your child, but don’t be too harsh. Research on parenting and child psychology tell that sometimes punishment is necessary to discipline the child, enforce rules, and encourage learning.

Don’t spank. If you spank, your child will learn to become violent.

It is necessary to improve behavioral problems in children. Toddlers show tantrums, teens are rebellious by nature. You cannot solve the behavioral problems in children until you understand their mind and know what exactly they want. Communicate as much as you can to sort out the problems.

  1. Give them freedom

Let the child be free. The thinking that you are his parent and you will never harm him has given birth to the thought that you should control your kids. Too much control is bad.

Exercise restraint with flexibility. You can’t let your child do whatever he wants, can you. But then too much control is also very bad. In that case, exercise restraint with flexibility. If your child wants to play a video game, tell him he can play for an hour and then he has to do the homework.

Give them choices: You should not force your children to do want you actually want them to do. Give them choices, for instance, let them choose whether to read a story-book or play a video game.

  1. Appreciation matters, appreciate their work

Praise your child: When your child does something good, praise him. When you praise, he will be encouraged to do better. Even when he is not doing well, you have to praise him for attempting it.

Always give positive feedback: A child needs positive feedback. Telling her that the drawing is carp will make them feel worse. Instead of saying the drawing is bad, you have to say, “If you erase this line and draw another curve here, the drawing will be better.”

Avoid negative feedback: Children are easily discouraged by negative feedback. When you give negative feedback as a child might lose interest in attempting the same thing again. Even if your child comes home with an “E” grade, don’t give negative feedback on his face.

Reward your child: Rewards have a wonderful effect on human psychology, even more on children. Reward your child for his achievement. You can tell him he will have a bicycle if he gets “A” grade in the next exams.

Cherish his achievements: Your child comes home with good grades, show your appreciation. Your child wins a trophy in a race, place the trophy alongside with your valuables.

  1. Let them attempt the task and cherish the accomplishments

Let your child try. Resist in doing what your child can do herself. Your child might take 30 minutes to eat his meal by himself and if you spoon feed, you may do it in 10 minutes, however, by not letting your child do on his own, you are hindering his learning process.

Don’t redo what your child has already done. Unless it is very necessary, don’t fix what your child has already done. This will discourage your child to do on her own.

Let them solve the problems. What do you do when you see your child trying to get a toy from the shelf that she is finding hard to reach? If you want to get it for her, just stop.

Let your child settle his own dispute. If the children are debating, don’t interfere unless one of the goes violent. Let the children settle their own dispute.

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