How To Discipline Your Child: The Best Ways to Discipline Your Kids

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The word discipline comes from the Greek word disciple, which means students. Parents are the first teachers to their kids and you can think your kids as your students. A disciple will follow his/her teacher only when there is a trust, respect and a sense of security. Therefore, the first step of disciplining a child is to gain his/her trust, respect the child and give him/her a sense of security.

How To Discipline Your Child: Tips and Tricks

Learn how to acknowledge your child in order to discipline him. If you acknowledge your child’s good behavior and his/her achievements, you are encouraging him/her to become disciplined.

Let your child experience the consequences of his wrong doings. Let him learn from his own mistakes. If the child understands the consequences of his/her wrong doings there is no need to lecture him.  For example, your child broke his toy, now he has nothing to play with. You don’t have to tell him, the consequences of breaking the toy. He understood by himself. Therefore, discipline cannot be forcefully applied, your child need to understand the importance of discipline by himself.  Telling your child not to break the toy will save you money on another toy, however, your child will never learn the natural consequences.

Another way to discipline your child is by excluding him from amenities. For instance, you want your child to stop playing with his toys and pick up a book. However he is not following you. Now, you can hide the toys for a week and make him understand, if he does not follow rules, he will have to suffer. This kind of technique will help him understand what unacceptable behavior is.

Time outs are also a great technique to discipline a child. Time out means taking a break from doing something. You can have time outs for video games, TV watching, playing with toys etc. This works on a child who can understand what time out is.

Physical punishment such as spanking does not help you to discipline your child. According American Academy of Pediatrics and Mental Health Institute, corporal punishment will make children more aggressive and violent because when they are physically punished, they will begin to think harming someone physically is acceptable. Thus, if you exercise non-physical punishment (depriving him from playing video game, for instance) there will be a fewer negative consequences.

The Best Ways to Discipline Your Kids

While disciplining you child, you should never make impromptu rules. The rules for discipline should always be made in advance. You should tell your child what are the rewards for following the rules and consequences for breaking he rues. For an older child, you should even let him choose the consequences and rewards.

Respect is very important when it comes to discipline your child. You should respect your child in order to gain respect from him. If you respect your child, he will respect you. When he respects you he will follow your rules sincerely. If you want your child to behave I a certain way, you should be the first to behave in that way.

Teach your children how to express emotions. It is common for kids to throw stuffs when they are angry, however, you will have to teach them that this is not acceptable. Encourage them to express their emotions verbally and try to sort out their “little” problems.

Try to understand why children are acting in a certain way. There are many factors that affect your child’s behavior. Some of the reasons behind this kind of behavior might be the environment, friends, boredom, loneliness, hunger etc.  Your child might feel nervousness when he is in the crowd or alone in the room.  Always find the reasons for your child’s tantrums.

Sometimes disciplining techniques do not work. In that case, give yourself a break. Developing skills for discipline does not happen overnight. It takes time.

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22 thoughts on “How To Discipline Your Child: The Best Ways to Discipline Your Kids

  1. Discipline requires patience and consistency. You need rules of conduct and they need to be applied consistently. You must not be angry and upset if the child doesn’t “catch on” right away. You are teaching. They are learning. Different children learn at different paces and also learn differently. Though it may take effort, especially if you have more than one child, you need to learn that a disciplinary measure that might work for one child, may not work for the other child, even though they both have the same mom and dad. Each child is an individual with a personality of their own. Who said parenting was easy?

  2. I’m really happy that I came across this article. Making a child learn discipline is one of the toughest job. Your post us really helpful.

  3. You must not be angry and upset if the child doesn’t “catch on” right away. You are teaching. They are learning. Different children learn at different paces and also learn differently.

  4. Kids thrive when they have structure and know their boundaries. Don’t go overboard with hundreds of rules, but focus on what’s most important for your family. Be clear about the ground rules and what happens when someone breaks the rules – make sure that everyone understands the consequences ahead of time and that the discipline is related to the misbehavior. If they forget to put away their dishes after dinner, they have to load and unload the dishwasher. Cleaning their room because they didn’t do their homework isn’t related. Most importantly, be consistent. Follow through every time with the agreed-upon consequence when kids push the rules.
    Overall, remember that knowing how to discipline your child is rooted in helping them learn how to make the right choice, not punishment. Be firm and give them the attention, rules and boundaries they need.

  5. This article is very helpful for the parents like us. i read this article, and it is very good and informative about children to make discipline.

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  7. Good lessons for parents who struggling this type of problems,lesson working well those who facing children behaviour this lesson is appreciatable,keep giving messages and lessons continuesly.

  8. wow i really like this post this post is really helpful to all of us. i like the way how it says about the discipline. for the child discipline is one of the most important things to their life .
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  9. this post is grate and no world`s to explain about this post.. According to me this is world`s best website .

    1. These are good tips but today’s child is different They grow faster than those in the good old days. These kids of today are exposed much more what with internet and other modes. Parents have to discipline themselves before disciplining their kids.

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