Parenting Teens: How to Encourage Your Teenager to Study

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You might debate on this, however, many parents I have talked to say that parenting teenagers is the most difficult time in your life. When you are a first time parent, it might be difficult to cope with a new responsibility, however, after sometime you will easily learn how to parent your baby.

Parenting teens is very difficult because you have to look into many things. For instance, your teen might be doing drugs or smoking and drinking, you have to help them quit their addiction. Your teens might be having problems with friends or crush, you need to come forward to rescue them. Your teens might not be interested in studying and you will have to assist them. When it comes to parenting teen, there are many things to do. In this article we will focus on how to encourage your teen to study and excel in education.

Using social sites to help your teen learn

You might be worrying about your teen son/daughter using Instagram or Snapchat too much. Many parents believe that social media is harming their teens. However, have you realized the potential of social media in learning? Let your teen use social media sites to learn new things. For instance, ask them to follow educational social media sites. They will be exposed to a wide array of learning tools. Instead of letting them use Instagram, you can ask them to check Question and Answer sites. Ask, Yahoo answers, Quora are some of the questions and answer sites that can answer your teen’s questions.

You can even encourage your teen to get into blogging. Now this might surprise you. However, if your teen creates a blog and publish what he has learned, it will not only help him understand the concepts better but also help other people learn from what he has learned. It does not cost anything to start blogging. There are many free blogging platforms.

Enroll them in school clubs, book clubs, workshops

School/college clubs: School and college clubs can provide a learner a platform to form a team with the peers and exchange ideas and knowledge.

Book clubs: By joining a book club, a learner will be introduced to the vast knowledge contained I the books. Book clubs also provide a platform for mutual exchange of ideas and expressions.

Learning from workshops: Workshop is a brief intensive course for a small group of learners that emphasize on problem-solving.

Why school clubs, book clubs, and workshops are good for your teen? Because they take your teen beyond the curriculum.  It is true that a school/college goer should excel in the school curriculum, however, there are many things to learn from the real world. Furthermore, your child will be able to learn from the real-life experience. Classroom learning is important, however, the knowledge your teen gathers from a classroom is never enough in life. He has to learn from real-life experience.

Help them ditch procrastination and laziness

Procrastination is bad for everyone even more for teens because at this stage of life, if they are procrastinating they are not learning anything new, or learning at a slow speed.

Laziness is bad for every individual. Lazy individuals are not receptive to new knowledge and information. Laziness will make you dull. Your teen needs to avoid laziness.

If your teen has issues with laziness, try to motivate him by encouraging him to play board games: Board games are not only fun but also helps in analytical thinking. You can play chess not just for fun but also develop strategies.

Outdoor learning for better performance in classroom

These days educators are taking education outside the classroom and giving more emphasis on outdoor classrooms. Learning becomes effective when it is blended with real life. Outdoor learning can be done in school camps or even in the community.

School/college camps: Encourage your teen to go for a summer or winter camp. When learning is taken away from the classroom, it becomes fun. When a study does not look like studying and is more of an entertainment, the learner’s ability to understand greatly increases.

Learning from the community: If your teen is involved with community work, her emotional intelligence will improve. In order to be receptive to learning, your teen needs high emotional intelligence.

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  1. Easier said than done, in my opinion parents should monitor their teenager closely and provide specific time for them to use internet for leisure than using it to gain information.

  2. “When a study does not look like studying and is more of an entertainment, the learner’s ability to understand greatly increases.” We should always remember this in order for us to teach our children the right way.

  3. Thank you for this informative blog. It provides the best ideas to understand teens, their problems, and how to divert them in a good direction.

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