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One of the common problems a mother faces once her child becomes a toddler is feeding the toddler. When the babies are toddlers, you no longer can force food to her. When it comes to eating, toddlers are very notorious. They will refuse anything that is good to him.

If you have a toddler in the family, or have seen parents feeding their toddlers, you might have noticed that the toddlers do not like eating vegetables. The toddlers saying “yuck” at the sight of broccoli, spinach, okra etc. is a common story in many households. If the toddler does not want to eat, there is no way you can make her eat unless you invent ingenuous ways to feed foods that she does not like.

How to Feed Veggies to Your Toddler

If you have a toddler and you are tired of his/her tantrums for refusing to eat veggies, here are some inventive ways to hide vegetables in your toddler’s food. You can try these methods to make your toddler eat vegetables without them not knowing that there are vegetables in the food. These methods can be used for older kids as well.

During the toddler stage of the child, feeding time can be really problematic for dads and moms. Mothers might be trying to force vegetables to the toddler through various measures like threatening, bribing, forcing etc. Whereas dads might be irritated with all the tantrums the kid is showing and the mother scolding the child. The dads might even reprimand mother and tell them “not to be too harsh on the kid.” This kind of drama is common. However, if the child is not eating vegetables, he might be left out of many nutrients essential for the brain and body development.

Since we are promoting co-parenting, we suggest dads to take interest in feeding the child instead of being a watcher and being irritated during the feeding time.

Here are some cleaver ways to disguise or hide veggies in your toddler’s food so that you don’t have to force them.

The Best Ways to Feed Vegetables to Toddlers

Make smoothies

One of the best ways to disguise vegetables in your toddler’s food is by making smoothie. You can blend vegetables, add a lot of cream, condensed milk, or yogurt and make vegetable smoothie from varieties of vegetables. You can also combine fruits and vegetables to make smoothie taste better. By giving your toddler smoothie, you will be feeding him the daily requirement of vegetables without creating any scene.

Blend vegetables into sauce and ketchup

Many children do not like tomato and onion. However, they might eat ketchup. Therefore, instead of having tomato and onion in their food, try making ketchup. You can then add ketchup in their bread or a bowl of cereal. You can also make sauce from various vegetables and have them take with their food, especially noodles and pasta. Since there will be no signs of vegetables in the sauce and ketchup, your child will receive the goodness of vegetables. If your child still refuses to eat vegetables in the form of sauce and ketchup, don’t be frustrated. It will take time to develop the taste. Instead of creating sauce by blending vegetables, you can also add blended vegetables in your child’s food directly. For instance, instead of adding cabbage and green beans in the noodles or cereal, you can add blended cabbage and green beans.

Chop them very small

Instead of blending vegetables and adding into the food, you can cook your kid’s food with small vegetables pieces. When the vegetables are chopped into small pieces, the child will not recognize and it will be easier to feed him vegetables. It is really easy to trick them into eating vegetables by finely chopping vegetables. You can use finely chopped vegetables in various foods such as pizza sandwiches, noodles, cereal etc.

Hide vegetables in their foods

Another good way to make your kids eat vegetables is by hiding vegetables in food. You can try hiding vegetables in breadcrumbs or batter.  You can stuff minced or chopped vegetables in foods like dumplings, spring rolls, or burgers. Try making veg tempura, your kids will surely love this lovely veggie treat.

Make tasty dips

Try making vegetable dips. Your child might love this vegetable recipe. You can make vegetable dips by blending various vegetables and adding spices to taste. Try making dips from lettuce, spinach, tomato, pea, chickpeas etc. or making mixed vegetable dips.


Forcing the child to eat does not work. If the child does not feel like eating or does not like to eat what is being fed to him, he will puke whatever is forced down his throat. Therefore, you should invent or follow cleaver tactics while feeding the toddler or older child.  Instead of forcing your child to eat vegetables, you will have to disguise vegetables or hide vegetables in your toddler’s food. They will eat vegetables without actually knowing they are eating vegetables.