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Learning begins as soon as the child is born. When the child opens his eyes for the first time, he tries to identify his mother. The newborns learn by seeing, hearing and observing. Learning is an automatic process; human beings are always learning something new. However, the formal education is very important to gain knowledge.

If you have preschoolers (children between the ages of 2-4 years), you might be looking for inspirations to make them interested in early childhood education. Here are some of the common, yet proven methods to help your preschoolers get interested in formal education.

The desire to learn

Your child cannot learn until he has a desire to learn. The desire to learn will create a passion for learning. How do you create a desire to learn? There are many ways for instance:

Learning from TV: TV is a popular medium of entertainment for the people of all ages, however, you should also realize the learning potential of TV.

Visiting museums: By visiting museums, a learner will learn more about the history, art, and culture than by reading books.

Going to the exhibitions: Exhibitions are open classrooms for learning. By visiting an art exhibition, your child will learn about art, by visiting a photography exhibition, he will learn about photography.

Motivation for learning

Learning is not new for your preschoolers, however, formal education is. How do you introduce formal education to your preschooler, or get your preschooler involved in early childhood education?  Motivation is the right answer. Your preschooler needs motivation to learn, without motivation the child cannot learn, or becomes a slow learner. Motivations also keep the distractions away.

Here are some ways to motivate your preschoolers.

Give them the purpose of education: If you have a purpose, you can learn better. If you can find out “why do you want to learn,” you become a better learner. This can be also be implemented on the preschooler. Give him a purpose of education.

Let them set a goal: Having a goal helps you learn better. Let your preschooler have answers to the questions like what he will gain after learning this. Help them set a goal like I will be able to read this story book if I learn alphabets. Your preschooler should know what he will be achieving through education?”

Every skill can be learned: There is nothing impossible, you can learn any kind of skills. All you need is motivation and dedication. Let your preschooler understand this.

Using right tools to impart education

If you are using the right tool, your preschooler will be interested in education. Books are a primary source of learning, however, you should also use other tools as well. Get necessary tools like ebooks, audio books, videos, multimedia, even video games to help your preschooler get interested in education. Some of the tools that you can use for early childhood education are:

Video games: Video game has a bad reputation because the market is glutted with the violent, non-educative games. However, you can find many educational games that help in effective learning.

Animation videos/movies: Research has proved that people learn better if the lessons are introduced through animation videos. For better learning, animation should be combined with lectures and textbooks.

Multimedia: By using projectors, slide shows trainers and educators can make learning fun. The learners, on the other hand, are eager to learn if the lessons are introduced through multimedia.

Storyboard: You can use storyboard to help your preschoolers get interested in learning. Storyboard is a great method of learning lessons that requires memorization and visual interpretations. Storyboard uses infographics, images, and stories.


Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. Don’t let your preschooler give up on learning. Don’t let him be intimidated.