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Generally speaking, you will have to feed your baby from your breasts until he is 4-6 months. For the babies, under the age of 6 months, mother’s milk contains everything she needs. If you are not feeding your baby from your breast for some reason, for instance short supply, working, sickness etc., you might be feeding him milk supplement. However, when the baby is 6 months or older, breast milk or any kind of milk supplement will no longer cover the nutritional requirements.
Whether you are feeding your baby from your breast or milk supplement, you will have to introduce solid food once he becomes 6 months. By the time the baby is 6 months, his body will require various nutrients, vitamins, minerals, which are lacking in milk. If you do not introduce solid foods when is he around 6 months, it will be difficult for him to accept solid food later. Introducing solid food to the baby is a milestone on the mind and body development.

When to introduce solid food to the baby?

Different parents think differently. Some introduce solid food to the baby as young as three months, whereas some parents wait until the baby is 9 months. The best time to introduce solid food to your baby is when he begins to take interest in food. Watch out for the signs like the baby looking at your plate or watching you eat. Usually, this happens around the age of 4 months. By the time the baby is 6 months, he will try to reach out your plate or grab the good on your hand. These are the cues for introducing solid food.

You can also take a cure from your baby’s hunger or weight. If your baby is underweight, it might be because he is not getting enough nutrients. If your baby remains hungry even though you feed from your breast or formula milk frequently, it might a good time to introduce solid food. This can occur even when the baby is just 3 months.

Introducing solid food does not mean you will have to discontinue breast milk. In fact, the babies who are also breast fed even though they are already taking solid food will find easier to digest solid food. The enzymes in the breast milk assist in digesting starch, fats, and proteins.

How to introduce solid foods to your baby

Your baby shows the desire to eat food, yet you might be confused with the kind of solid food you should give to your baby.

Begin with flour of whole grain and multigrain. Cook it thoroughly, you might add little bit of salt or sugar for taste. In the beginning, you should give solid food only once a day, you can increase it to twice a day in a few weeks.

You can also feed fruits to the baby. Banana is the easiest fruit for the baby, it is soft and sweet. If you are feeding apple, make sure you boil it first and then peel the skin and mash it to make fine paste.

You should not feed oily, spicy and hot foods.  Generally speaking, you will have to wait for your baby to become 12 months to introduce egg and meat. However, if you see your baby trying to reach for the potato on your plate, you can let him have it as long as it is not hot.

When you start giving solid foods to your baby, watch he likes and what he does not like. Give him want he likes and avoid the food he does not like. Since your baby has just begun to eat, don’t worry too much about how much he eats and how much he spits. Vomiting is also very common, therefore, if your baby vomits, don’t worry. Take a break for 20-30 minutes and the try to feed him again.

You can also experiment with foods and tastes once in a while.