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If you are a parent, you might have already noticed how quickly the children get addicted to the internet. It is a good thing that your children are using the internet because it is a source of knowledge and entertainment. However, World Wide Web is also a place where things that are harmful to the kids abound.

The Internet has good things as well as bad things. Children cannot differentiate between the good and the bad.  Therefore, the parents must take a lot of interest in what their kids are doing online. In order to ensure internet safety for your preteens and teens, you can let them use a separated PC account, block unsafe websites on the browsers, use software to block prone sites and the sites promoting gambling, drugs, alcohols or other illegal activities, monitor your kids online activities, and make them aware about the dangers of internet.

Some of the common internet activities for children are:

Online search

Video watching

Social networking

Online gaming

In order to ensure that your kids are doing these activities safely, you need to take care of a couple of things.

Children safe search engines


Internet search is one of the common internet activities for all age groups. If you want to find information, you will just type your query into Google search bar and hit enter. However, the search result is not always useful and safe. Sometimes unwanted stuff appears on the search results. Imagine your child is searching on Google and he lands on a porn site or a site dealing with guns or drugs. Here likes the importance of children safe search engines.

Popular search engines like Google and Bing do not have children safe option. Therefore, you will have to introduce children safe search engines for your kids. These search engines will show only the results appropriate to the children. is powered by Google. This children safe search engine displays results that are safe for children. Kiddle offers children safe Wikipedia version called Kpedia.

Wackysafe is powered by Microsoft. This search engine blocks harmful content and keeps children safe online.

KidRex is a children safe search engine. It uses Google Safe Search to display results. The site maintains its own database of inappropriate keywords and websites.

SafeSearchKids is a powered by Google. The site filters the results and displays only the site, images, videos and wiki safe for children. Interestingly, this site looks more like a blog with search feature than a search engine. The website features useful and informative articles for parents and kids to make their online experience safe. The site contains AdSense ads and if you do not want your child to expose to ads, you will have to avoid this site.

Social media safety tips


You need to be at least 13 years in order to join most of the social networking site. However, it is also very common to see children as young as 8 years using social media sites. You should always check your kid’s online activities.

Is your preteen secretly using social media site? If that’s the case, you need to act fast and deactivate your preteen’s social media accounts. Don’t let your child under the age of 13 years use any social media site under any pretext. Instead of letting him use social media, you can encourage him to watch educative and fun videos. You can even teach him how to use the internet to improve his skills or find information. If your child takes interest in dancing, you can have him watch a tutorial video and learn dancing. If your child is working on a science project, you can help him search online and find relevant information.

If you are a parent of a teenager, you might be wondering whether it is ok or not okay to let the teen use social media. Well, it is ok to let your teen use social media site. However, there should be some sort of parental control. Teens still are naïve. They might be revealing too much personal information or networking with the wrong person. Activities like these pose dangers. You should teach your teen about how much information he/she can share on social media sites and what should be strictly avoided. Discourage your teen from sharing personal information, pictures and videos.

Make sure your teen is using proper privacy settings. If your teen is communicating with a virtual friend, make sure the person is real. It is very likely that your child might not tell what they are doing on social networking site, who they are communicating with. However, you need to find out what they are doing. Ask your teen to do a background check on the person who is a friend on social media.

Video safety for children


Video watching is one of the favorite online activities for the individuals of all ages. That’s why YouTube receives the second highest traffic after Google. Even though Youtube is strict against profanity and other illegal activities, you can always turn safe search on YouTube settings to save your child.

Online gaming safety tips


If you have preteens and teens in your house, you might have noticed how much they enjoy playing games. Playing games is not only for entertainment and fun; if you are playing the right game, games will help you develop your analytical thinking. However, you as a parent must also be aware of the dangers associated with games. Playing too much game is really bad. This will hamper your child’s education and even take a toll on his health. Some games contain too much violence and sex. You should always check the games your kid is playing. If the game is too violent or explicitly sexual, you will have to stop them from playing.