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If you check the books and articles on parenting, online or offline, you will be surprised to find out that most of the tips are geared towards the moms. It is true that for a small child, mothers have a great role to play, however, this does not mean fathers do not have any role in parenting small children.

With the due respects to all the fathers, new fathers as well as experienced fathers, Daddy Blog has compiled some parenting hacks for dads.  Whether you are working dad, stay at home dad, or even a single dad, you will find these parenting hacks tips handy especially if you are raising a baby, toddler or a preschooler.

Feeding Babies: How Much to Feed

Whether you have a baby, a toddler or a preschooler, feeding the child is always confusing because you don’t exactly know how much food your child actually needs.

Let’s say you have a baby and you want to feed him from the bottle. How much milk should you put in the bottle? According to the pediatricians, one day old baby can hold no more than 5 ml milk at a time and by the time they are 10 days, they can consume around 60 ml milk.

The common sense is your baby has a tiny stomach; however, his appetite will increase as he grows older.

The rule of thumb is when your baby begins to dribble while feeding, you should understand that he is content and when the baby begins to fuss and gets agitated, you should understand that he wants more.

Play With Your Baby, Talk To Your Baby

One of the common problems that many dads face is they don’t know what to do when they are left alone with the baby. Babysitting is a skill that every dads should acquire. You might be a working dad, however, in the evening when your spouse is busy in the kitchen, you might be the one who has to look after the baby. If you are work from home dad or stay at home dad, you should definitely learn how to make babysitting pleasure for the child as well as yourself.

When you have to look after the child, you should start playing with him. You should also talk to your child as you play with him.  Show the child toys, build stories around the toys. Make animal sounds, make faces, repeat words. Playing with the child and talking to the child will develop a strong bond between the father and the child.

If you are playing with the child or talking to the child for the first time, you might find this little weird, however, few days on, you will actually begin to enjoy this. This might even become a great stress buster.

You may not have a lot of activities for a baby, however, if your child is a toddler or preschooler, there is a lot of things to do.

Learn How to Change Diapers: Diaper hacks

Of all things you do for your baby, probably changing diapers and cleaning the baby are two things that you may not like about parenting. Interestingly, changing diapers and cleaning the baby are two important skills that you should learn as soon as your baby is born.

Whether you are using cloth diapers (nappies) or disposable diapers, you should know how to handle diapers/nappies once your baby soils. While putting diapers is easy, changing is difficult because if you do not handle it properly you will mess with the poop.

Start by tearing the diaper from the two sides and then slowly pull it from below. Once you take the diaper put, wipe the baby with baby wipes or wet cloth.

Sometimes you might be pulling the diaper before the baby is done. In such situation, a jet of pee might even hit your face or you might soil your hand with poop. You can avoid such situations by using the front and back of the diaper as the shield.

Let the Mom Have Time For Herself

If you want to become a great dad, you should not only be great to your children but also to your wife. A great dad is a person who helps his wife by easing her work and takes the responsibility of parenting.

You are a dad, you look after the child. However, you also go to a bar, have some wine; you play football, you watch baseball.  A mom may not have time to watch her favorite soaps or go to the saloon. For a mom, it is always difficult to balance her role as a mom, a wife, and a working woman.

You can ease your wife’s work by helping her in the kitchen, doing the laundry, vacuuming the room, buying grocery etc. Apart from helping your wife in homemaking, you also have to look after the baby and let your wife go outdoors and have fun.

By helping your wife, you are becoming a great husband and a great daddy.