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Welcome to Fatherhood Info – a place to get parenting tips for fathers.

One of the greatest decisions you will take in life is to have children and become a parent. When it comes to parenting, the primary focus is always on motherhood and fatherhood is always on the back seat. It is true that mothers have a greater role to perform because they not only have to carry the baby in their wombs for nine months but also have to nurse the baby. However, this does not mean we don’t include fathers in the parenting discussion. Mother and father, both play vital roles in bringing up the child.

The Daddy Blog

While you can find information on motherhood online or offline, there is a limited resource available for fathers. It is very common to see a Mommy Blog, a blog where a mother shares her parenting experiences as well as gives childcare tips to other mothers. However, it is quite uncommon to find Daddy Blog. If you are a mother, you can just type your query on Google and get the answers from the experts. However, if you are a father, you may not find the answer you are looking for. Father and mother, both are very important for a child, however, in most cases parenting only includes mothers and leave fathers out of the discussion. In order to bridge that gap, we have created this parenting blog for fathers. You can call this a Daddy Blog.

The Parenting Blog For Fathers

On Fatherhood Info we will not only provide tips on parenting for fathers but also provide a platform to discuss the father issues.

Your journey to fatherhood begins on the day when your spouse tests positive for pregnancy. Your parenting duties and responsibilities do not end until you die. We will be covering all the issues from pregnancy to childbirth, parenting babies, toddlers, teens as well as adult children. We will be giving tips on how to care for a newborn as well as maintain a healthy relationship with adult children. No one can teach you how to become a parent. Parenting is a self-learning process. You might read parenting books and articles, watch parenting videos, listen to the childcare experts, pediatrician, and your father and mother or other experienced parents, however, all they can do is give advice. While getting advice is beneficial, these pieces of advice may not work for you because every child is unique and what has worked for others may not work for you.

Our aim is to provide resources for fathers. On you find answers to your problems.