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Parenting teens can be really difficult because teens are angry, impatient, violent, and irresponsible by nature. Ask any parents who are raising teens are or parents of teens, they will tell you how difficult is to behave with teens. Generally speaking teens will not listen to you, they will not follow you. They might even argue with you, pick a fight with you.

Teen age is the most vulnerable age for a man and woman. This is the time when a teen can be easily be spoiled. Most of the people who do drugs, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, pick up this habit during their teen age. If you are raising teens, or your child will soon become a teenager, here are some tips that you can adopt to raise a responsible teen.

Let them be independent: You are his parent, you want your teen to be the best, however, does the teen want to do what you want him to do? Encourage the teen to become self-reliant.

Provide them opportunities: Let your teen explore her hobbies, interests, and skills. Don’t feed on them, instead give them opportunities.

Create learning environment: Don’t expect your teen to pick up his textbook when you switch the TV on. Don’t ask your teen to read when you are making merry with your friends.

Manage your anger: Most of us cannot avoid anger, however, when you are with your teen, you need to control your anger. If you cannot stop yourself from slamming the door, your teen will learn how to slam the door and when to slam the door. If you are angry man/woman, it is very likely that your teen will become an angry young man/woman.

Teach tolerance: We live in a multicultural society, people from various cultures are living among us. Teach your teen how to appreciate people from other culture. Teach your teens to accept people from various backgrounds.

Teach religion: It is ok to encourage your child to participate in spiritual or religious activities. Teaching religion will make them morally right person. When they understand that someone is watching their back, they will have self restrain. However, don’t force religious guidance. Don’t force them to follow you into the church or perform rituals.

Keep an eye:  You should be aware of your teen’s activities in school and after-school programs, as well as his community activities. You should learn about your teens friends. You should also know the parents of your teen’s friends. Your child’s friend can tell you so many things about your child that you may never learn from your child.  By keeping an eye you are taking precautions to protect your child. Danger is lurking around. Even a simple swing can be dangerous. Watch your teen’s back.

Take the helm and set a boundary: Don’t let the child dictate you. Once you play by his rules out of love, there will be no turning back. Therefore, let the child know you are in charge. The world can be very confusing for your teen, therefore, set a boundary so that your teen can explore his passion in a safe environment. Tell them what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

Discourage violence: Tens are destructive by nature; they enjoy throwing things, breaking things. You should discourage violence early on. School shootings have taught us a lesson. You should always teach about the dangers associated with weapons.

Never try to fix everything: Let your teen find his/her own solution. Don’t meddle until he gives up. By giving the child to find his own solutions, you are teaching him self-reliance and resilience. During the times like friendship breakups or breakups with boyfriend/girlfriend, you should never step in; instead, wait at the door ready to give him/her comfort.