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As you wait outside the labor room, you are anxious, nervous, stressed. If this is your first time, the thought of becoming a father is very overwhelming. You begin to imagine how your baby will look, how he/she feels when you hold him/her for the first time. You will be thinking about whether the baby will have normal looks or have some abnormalities.
What does the birth mean to the baby? How will the normal baby look like? How does the baby react in first few hours after the birth? If you are wondering about questions like these, here are some answers to what to expect when the baby is born.
What is birth for the baby?
When the baby is inside the mother, he is in total security, in warm and cozy place, without any pain or discomfort. The baby is born and all of a sudden, he is hurled in the world where there are light, cold, noises, and smells. The back is now straight, air fills into the lungs, and it might burn a little. He experiences everything that was unknown to him. After the baby is cleaned, he is returned to the mother. He likes the touch of his mother, he takes warmth from his mother’s skin. He feels secured again. Now a new desire overcomes. He wants to eat.

How will the baby look like?

You might see the head bigger for his size. His body skin will have pink tint or dark color. Hands and feet might be light blue. These are normal features. The stains and colors will disappear in 24-48 hours. In the first few days, the baby might also develop rashes, which will also disappear in a few days.How the baby feels in his first few hours

The first few hours of the baby is critical. The transition from the mother’s womb into the real life is hard for him and the adjustment takes a lot of time. Your baby feels cold, you need to make him warm. The baby cries a lot. You need to understand why he is crying. For experts’ advice, you need to talk to your doctor and nurse.

When is the right time to get close to the baby?

The baby needs his mother just in few minutes after arriving into the world. In the first few hours, the only person he can associate with is his mother. The baby needs the mother for warmth and food. When the baby opens his eyes for the first time, he will try to focus on his mother’s face.Is crying normal?

Crying is very normal. When the baby does not cry right after he is born, it will worry the doctors. Expect your baby to cry whenever he is awake. Try to understand why he is crying. Generally speaking, the baby cries when he feels cold, he is hungry, he feels discomfort, he feels pain, he feels itching, he has soiled his clothes etc.Is it ok if the baby goes to sleep right after the birth?

There is nothing wrong when the mother and the baby go to sleep after the delivery. Birth is an exhausting experience for the mother and the child. Before the actual process, the mother might have experienced many hours of labor pain. The baby, on the other hand, might also have struggled hard to get outside. Therefore, after the birth, the mother and the baby are very tired. If the mother and the child want to sleep, it is perfectly ok. The baby might sleep anywhere between 2 and 8 hours continuously. When the baby wakes, you need to understand it as the feeding time.