Why You Should Teach Martial Arts to Your Children: Benefits of Teaching Martial Arts to the Children

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Martial arts are the arts of weaponless self-defense that have roots in numerous eastern cultures but most widely popular in China and Japan. Martial arts are generally practiced as a sport, however, the techniques of martial arts can also be used as a self defense.

Martial arts are very popular in the West as well. People are learning martial arts for various reasons and the most common reasons are self-defense and sport. Crime rates are very high in the world we live in. Therefore, it is essential that you learn how to protect yourself through the self-defense techniques of martial arts. Martial art is better than carrying a gun or pepper spray for self defense.

Martial arts can also be practiced as a sport. There are tournaments and events for martial arts contests where the students and masters of the martial arts can show their skills. Olympic tournament has numerous events for Martial arts.

Martial art is good for children and adults alike. It does not differentiate between the genders; you can try martial art irrespective of age and gender. Teaching martial arts to the children can mean a lot, children who practice martial arts will not only be in proper shape and healthy but also learn how to defend themselves when they are physically attacked, as well as learn self control and discipline. Martial arts will also develop self confidence in children.

Benefits of Teaching Martial Arts to the Children

Martial art is a wonderful physical and mental exercise. It will help children to shape up and stay fit and healthy.

Martial arts will equip children with self defense techniques. They can easily defend themselves when someone attacks them.

Martial art can teach children self control because martial art is not just fight moves, it is also a mental exercise.

Martial art builds confidence because martial arts will make children physically and mentally strong.

Martial arts teach your children discipline. It is very beneficial to the children who have a bad temper or low self esteem.

Different Types of Martial Arts: Which Martial Art Technique is Right for Your Child

There are a wide variety of martial arts that use different techniques and styles. The reason why there are numerous martial forms is because martial arts originated in many cultures and countries. If you want to teach martial arts to your kids, you should know about various martial arts form. Since there are different kinds of martial arts, it might be very difficult to choose the one that might fit for your kid. Here lies the importance of understanding the interest of your child. You should let your child know about various martial arts forms and help him pick the one that interest him most. You should never force your children and always support him choosing the form that they will enjoy.

Some of the most popular martial art forms for children are Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu.  Know your children’s interest and help them choose the form that they can enjoy. If your child likes punching and kicking, karate will best suit him and it he likes ground grappling and submission, judo will be a better choice.

In order to help your child choose the best martial forms to lean, take him to the local martial arts centers and dojos.  If you are living in a big city, it might be easier for you to find training centers and choose the best martial art form for your child. However, in small towns and rural areas, the options might be limited. You can also help your child choose a martial art form by letting them watch martial arts videos on the internet. YouTube will come very handy such situation.

Enrolling Your Child in a Martial Art Class

Once you and your child both are settled with the martial art form, you will have to choose a proper martial art teaching center and enroll your child in the class. When your child is enrolled in the martial art class, you should encourage him to go to the class regularly.

As explained above, if you are in the big city, you have many options, whereas in small towns and rural areas, options are limited. Even though it might be difficult to find training center that teaches the martial art form of your choice, you might be able to find a training center that teaches the best styles of martial arts.

The martial art instructors are called sensei, they have black belts and above. Sometimes the highest ranked students will also be helping the master to instruct the classes. It is better to choose a class with a moderate attendance because then there is a small number of learners, your child will learn martial arts quickly as the master will be able to spend more time with the individual student.

When you are enrolling your child in a martial art class, you should always check out the dojo or classes in person. The instructor should not only be skilled in his martial art form but also have a clear goal. The instructor should know what he is teaching. Another factor that plays an important role in choosing the right dojo is environment. The dojo should be clean and well equipped.


If you are worrying about your child not doing exercise, you should enroll him in a martial art class as it is one of the best ways to get your child have a daily dose of exercise. If your child is lazy and it is giving you a headache, martial arts can benefit him a lot.

When your child starts learning martial arts, they will not only learn self-defense but also develop confidence, self control, discipline, and responsibility.

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8 thoughts on “Why You Should Teach Martial Arts to Your Children: Benefits of Teaching Martial Arts to the Children

  1. Martial arts help in building the confidence in kids and they will feel secure and this in turn will help them to be great persons in life. They can grow more stronger with age and may adopt this as a professions as its a very respectable one.

  2. Exercise is so much important for all of us and as you said, if our kids aren’t interesting in daily exercise than it would be best to enroll them into Martial Arts classes and it will help them in a lot many ways.

  3. Martial arts help in building the confidence in kids and they will feel secure and this in turn will help them to be great persons in life

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