About Me

RAISE YOUR HAND if you’ve ever wanted to pull out what’s remaining of your hair when it comes to parenting!  Although I believe it is the best job in the world, I admit it can be very challenging!  I wanted a parenting community that reflected father perspective, a place where we weren’t treated like perfect parent-bots. Yes, we are Dads (awesome, exhausted and busy), but we are also men (with jobs out of the home; with partners, interests and friends). So many times I looked for insight from others, even advice.  I have brothers and a sister with kids, but I wanted more.

That’s where fatherhoodinfo.com comes in.  I hope you enjoy my posts and even find them helpful and just maybe even worthy of discussion!

While Fatherhood Info tries to provide authentic information, the readers should not understand this as professional advice.  The information is only for general purpose. You follow the advice at your own risk and Fatherhood Info is not liable for any loss or damage.

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